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Institute of Environment Education and Research, Bharati Vidyapeeth

DNA Club Program


The great variety of life on earth that has provided humans with all their needs since time immemorial forms a support system which has been used by civilizations for their growth and development. Our dependence on nature is so great that man cannot continue to live without protecting the earth's environmental resources.

Understanding the organization of plants and animals has helped in utilizing the earth’s biological wealth for the benefit of humanity and has been integral to the process of ‘development’. This includes better health care, better crops and the use of these life forms as raw material for industrial growth.

Biotechnology has emerged as an area of the future in recent years with immense potential to bring about human welfare and prosperity. It touches human existence in all its dimensions.

The children of today are the citizens and in many cases policy makers of tomorrow. It is important to inculcate in them an ethos of responsibility towards bio resources. Starting a program like the DNA Club program that seeks to proactively involve school children into a process that enhances the development of a better understanding of bio-resources and the role biotechnology can play in their sustainable management and utilization is a small but important step in this direction.


  • To promote interest and knowledge about natural resources and the environment among the emerging generation.
  • To foster concern to protect bio resources and natural heritage
  • To increase awareness of the economic, cultural, scientific and aesthetic values of flora and fauna.
  • To provide opportunities to acquire values and skills needed to protect and improve the natural environment.
  • To make aware the impact that emerging technologies (including biotechnology) have on maintenance and enhancement of bio resources.

The Institute of Environment Education and Research, Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) (BVEER) has been appointed as the Regional Resource Agency for the DNA Club Program by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India for the states of Maharashtra and Goa.

Design of the Program

The program includes the following components:

  1. Teacher Training Workshops
  2. School based programs
  3. Vacation Training Programs
  4. Support through locale specific material
  5. Regular monitoring and evaluation

Implementation of the Program

Details of modules conducted in the schools


The DNA Schools

DNA Club Schools - Maharashtra
S. No. Name of the school Name of the Principal/Headmaster Name of the teachers
1a. Abhinav Vidyalay English Medium Primary School Mrs. Madhuri Jeurkar Nilima Bhandarkar
Mugdha Vinod
1b. Abhinav Vidyalay English Medium High School Mrs. Jayashree Pai Charu Mathur
Vandana Bhagat
2. Dr. Annasaheb Chobe High School Mrs. Helen Anthony Nidhi Samant
Nutan Kamble
3. AES Ashokbhau Firodiya English Medium School Mr. Nandkishor Bhavsar Sailesh
Vaishali Wagh
4. Holy Cross English High School Sr. Jenifer Ferrero Mukund Phulgirkar
Mahesh Shrisunder
5. Little Flower High School Fr. Walter Gonsalves Rosemary Fernandes
6. St. Lawrence High School Ms. Nalini Datta Aruna Luthra
Nirmala Dhuria
7. Horizon Academy Mrs. Kumudini Bangera Kumudini Bangera
Trupti Gite
8. Bhavarilal Samra English High School Mr. Mohan Rathi Shubhangi Bahad
Tessy George
9. D.A. V. English School Mr. Gopal Gawande Rashmi Shende
Sunanda Sontakke
10. Khandelwal English School Mrs. Geeta Chandawankar Geeta Chandawankar
Pradeep Kidile
11. B.V. Kanya Shala Dr. (Mrs.) Sindhu Kulkarni Shyamala Lokare
12 Dr. D. R. Nagarkar Prashala Mrs. Vaishali Kulkarni Mrs. Dange
13 Maharshee Karve Stri Shikshan Santha’s Vidyapeeth High School Mr. Bhadakwad Shubha Joshi
Mr. Kamble
14 Maharshee Karve Stri Shikshan Santha’s Shishu Vihar Mrs. Manda Borane Snehal Dikale
15 Maharshee Karve Stri Shikshan Santha’s Erandwane High School Mrs. Anuradha Gokhale Mrs. Balkawade
16 Maharshee Karve Stri Shikshan Santha’s Erandwane Primary School Mrs Kharat
17 St. Hilda’s school Mrs.Stela David Rajlaxmi Naik

DNA Club Schools - Goa

S.No. Name of the school Name of the Principal Name of the teachers
1. Manovikas English Medium School Mrs. Theresa Almeida Latha Naik
2. Bhatikar Model High School Mrs. Revathi Kane Aparna Naik
Saluja Suhas
3. A. J. De Almeida High School Mrs. Vinaya Mavinkurve
Mrs. Savita D’Costa, Asst. Headmistress
Sushama Naik
Shital Kesarkar
4. S.S. Samiti’s Lokmanya Tilak Vidyalay Mr. G.G. Deo
Shrikrishna Desai
5. V.D. and S.V. Wagle High School Mr. D.V. Talavnekar Girish Nadkarni
6. Sharada Mandir Mrs. Nirmala Rebello Anagha Mudholkar
Geeta Hosangadi
7. L.D. Samant Memorial High School Mr. Rajkumar Desai Sarika Gurav
8. Amonkar’s New Goa High School Mrs. Mabel deSa Mabel deSa
Salita Banaulikar
9. Shri Shraddhanand Vidyalaya Mr. Madhukar Shingwi Ram Mahale
10. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Mr. R.S. Naik Vijay Bhondave
Sanjeet Singh

Programs conducted

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