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Institute of Environment Education and Research, Bharati Vidyapeeth

Vacation Training Program

The key to bring about conservation is an aware individual. Programs that enhance awareness and develop skills go a long way in fostering a pro-environment attitude that results in a highly aware individual whose life style reflects the concept of sustainable development. This intensive vacation training program is a step towards achieving this goal.


  • To enhance understanding among students about the immense value of biological diversity of our country, the importance of locally available bioresources, their sustainable use and conservation.
  • To equip them with relevant skills for bioresource conservation.
  • To create opportunities for hands on experiences in the field at the school level.
  • To facilitate interaction with leading experts in the field including the core and visiting faculty at the Institution.
  • To develop and understand about the future avenues and challenges in the field of bioresources of our country.
  • To create awareness about the applications of computers in bioresource conservation and use of GIS for mapping of bioresources.
  • To acquire good physical and mental health through the practice of yoga.

The Vacation Training Program will commence from 20th April to 15th May 2009.

This course will help students explore the possibilities of pursuing a career in the biotechnology and environmental field. Students can pursue very interesting and satisfying careers in this field. This course attempts to enhance awareness about bioresources, threats faced by them, their possible conservation measures, understanding new technologies in the field of biotechnology as well as develop problem solving skills through innovative sessions such as ‘Meet the Scientists’, audio-visuals, discussions, role plays, field trips, camps, demonstrations, lab activities and field projects.

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