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Institute of Environment Education and Research, Bharati Vidyapeeth

Ph.D (Geoinformatics)

The Ph.D program at the Institute focuses on multidisciplinary studies to include projects on various aspects of Geoinformatics including applications as well as development of models, algorithms, etc. The Ph.D program consists of coursework and thesis research and presentation. The course work will consist of three papers:

  1. Tools and Techniques in Geoinformatics
  2. Quantitative Analysis Techniques
  3. Literature Review

All the three papers are compulsory. The duration of the course work will be one semester. Each paper will be taught for minimum of 50 hours and maximum of 60 hours. The 3rd paper "Reviewing of Published Research Work" in the area of the students Ph. D. topic will be a continuous process. In Paper I the student should select practicals to cover a 60 hour period. The selection of the practical will be done based on the research topic in consultation with the respective guide and the HOD/ Director.

In addition, to attain a degree, the student needs to have published three papers in a scientific journal of Impact Factor >1.


The candidate needs to have completed a two year Masters degree in a related discipline.


Admission to the Doctorate Program in Geoinformatics requires the following:

  • Eligibility of the candidate based on the eligibility criteria mentioned above.
  • Submission of application form and payment of application fee.
  • Merit obtained in the Ph.D Entrance Exam conducted every year at the Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) (questions based on the syllabus for the Masters in Geoinformatics)
  • Presentation of Thesis Topic and Interview Process carried out at the Institute based on the entrance exam results.
  • Submission of Research Plan to the Institute.
  • Syllabus

    Click here to check the syllabus of Entrance Test for Ph.D. Geoinformatics

    Please contact the Institute for further details.

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