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Institute of Environment Education and Research, Bharati Vidyapeeth

MSc in Environmental Science

M.Sc in Environment Science and Technology

The Institute conducts a two year Master's program in Environment Sciences and Technology i.e. M.Sc in Environment Science and Technology. The course includes the cognitive aspects and technological skills necessary for energy conservation, climate change mitigation, green technology, water and waste water engineering, environmental impact assessment (EIA), eco-development, eco-restoration, clean development mechanism, urban planning and wildlife management. The course emphasizes the social issues of environment such as sustainable development, population, poverty etc. It provides students with real life exposure to local environmental assets and problems. BVIEER also offers Course in Biodiversity Conservation

The Master's Degree in Environment and Technology has a rapidly expanding horizon in chemical industries, public health, Pollution Control Boards, irrigation, agriculture, as environmental and extension educator and researchers. The global recognition for the need for sustainable development has resulted in the emergence of a green economy that is changing patterns of employment and generating green jobs in various sectors and economies. Newer horizons for broad-based environment oriented individuals exist in the field of green technology, corporate social responsibility, environmental auditing, environmental planning, ecotourism, watershed management, environment education and ecodevelopment initiatives. Industries, Government, Municipal Corporations, Research organisations, NGOs, Universities and schools have a growing demand for a broad based environmental scientist.

If you’re looking for joining best environmental science colleges in India, then it would be Institute of Environment Education and Research Bharati Vidyapeeth.

Course Eligibility

  • The Bachelors examination from any recognised University or its equivalent examination with any of the following subjects - Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Geology, Geography, Life Sciences, Fisheries Science, B.E.(Civil Engineering), Environmental Engineering, Agriculture, Physics, Biotechnology.
  • Secured minimum 50% marks (45% is case of SC/ST candidates) in the above mentioned examinations.
  • Candidates who have appeared or who are likely to appear for the qualifying examination i.e. B.Sc or equivalent but whose results have not been as yet declared can also appear for this entrance test provided they have offered the mentioned subjects at the said examination.
  • The candidate must have appeared for the All India Entrance Test i.e. MEVST 2015 conducted by this University.


The Masters of Science program in Environment Science and Technology is a 2 year full time course.

Admission in Environment Science

Admissions for M.Sc in Environment Science are now open.

Curriculum Outline

EST 101 Ecosystem Studies (4) EST 201 Biodiversity Assessment and Conservation (4) EST 301 Integrated Impact Assessment (4)
EST 102 Environmental Chemistry (4) EST 202 Engineered Systems for Water and Waste Water (4) EST 302 Environmental Law and Policies (4)
EST 103 Environmental Microbiology (4) EST 203 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (4)
EST 104 Fundamentals of Geoinformatics (4) EST 204 Air and Noise Pollution Management (4)
EST 105 Fundamentals of Sustainable Development (4) EST 205 Research Methodology (2)
EST 111 Field techniques-I (2) EST 211 Field Techniques-II (2) EST 311 Dissertation (14) EST 411 Dissertation (14)
EST 112 Lab Analytical techniques-I (2) EST 212 Lab Analytical techniques-II (2)
EST 113 Techniques in GIS and GPS (2)
ELECTIVES (any two) ELECTIVES (any two) ELECTIVES (any four)
EST 207 Natural Resource Management (4) CA 101 Human Ecology (4) EST 401 Ecorestoration, Ecodevelopment and Ecotourism (4)
CA 208 Wildlife health, rescue and rehab (4) EST 303 Environmental Modeling (4) EST 402 Water Management (4)
EST 209 Environment and Health (4) EST 304 Internship (4) EST 403 Corporate Social Responsibility (4)
EST 2010 Climate Change Science and Strategies (4) GEO Applications of geospatial technologies (4) EST 404 International Environmental Law (4)
EST 2011 Environmental biotechnology (4) EST 305 Urban Environment Management (4) EST 405 Urban Sustainability (4)
EST 2012 Instrumentation and Lab Management for environmental analysis (4) EST 306 Environment Management Techniques (4) SD 203 Integrated approaches to sustainable development (4)
EST 307 Advanced Pollution Control Technology (4) EST 406 Industrial Safety and Occupational Health (4)
EST 407 Green technology and Management (4)


EST 106 Statistical Methods (3)
EST 107 Fundamentals of computing and database (3)
(any one)
GEN 201 General English (2) GEN 301 Technical Writing (2) GEN 401 Entrepreneurship Development (2)
GEN 202 Project Management (2) GEN 302 Communication and Personality Development (2)
MSc in Environmental Science
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