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Institute of Environment Education and Research, Bharati Vidyapeeth

M.Sc. in Wildlife Conservation Action

The course has a multidisciplinary approach that integrates the science of wildlife conservation with social issues in managing and mitigating wildlife conflict and natural resource management. The course provides in-depth knowledge of ecosystem and biodiversity conservation and management along with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation as well as legal instruments for wildlife conservation. It includes the cognitive aspects and technological skills necessary to further a career in the wildlife field. It trains the candidate in skills required for assessment and monitoring of biodiversity as well as wildlife management through a combination of course work, intensive field work and internships. The program also builds skills in conducting research and communicating for wildlife conservation. The course provides multiple exit points. The course is administered by the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies.

This course will be implemented in close collaboration with the Wildlife Trust of India, premier organization involved in action based wildlife research and advocacy.

The course has a rapidly expanding horizon in both national and international level. Government and Non-Governmental organizations such as Wildlife Trust of India, World Wide Fund for Nature, ATREE, WII, IUCN, etc. employee candidates with these qualifications as wildlife researchers as well as wildlife managers. The multidisciplinary foundation prepares the student to pursue a career in a variety of conservation related jobs and produces a broad based scientist. It also provides opportunities for people who are already working in the field to further their career through a formal Diploma in Wildlife Conservation Management course and a Master’s program for Wildlife Conservation Management Courses.


  • The candidate should have obtained the Bachelors degree in any Science with any of the subjects of Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Geography, Geology, Geography, Life Sciences, Environment Sciences, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Fisheries, Marine Biology, Horticulture, Agriculture, Computer Science, Veterinary Science or any branch of engineering or any relevant Social Science subject.
  • If the candidate has a degree in any other subject than the ones mentioned above he/she should have a working experience of minimum of three years in the area of conservation field to be eligible for the Master’s program.
  • The candidate should have secured at least 50% in the aggregate at undergraduate level and 45% for SC /ST / OBC candidates.
  • Candidate with a Diploma in Wildlife Conservation Action from BVIEER is eligible for entry to the second year of the M.Sc. Wildlife Conservation Action program. The candidate should surrender his/her Diploma certificate to the concerned University and the certificate to that effect be produced from concerned authority to take admission for MSc course.


The Masters of Science in Wildlife Conservation Action Program is a 2 year full time course.

Semester-wise Course Information

Course Number Course Title Course Number Course Title Course Number Course Title Course Number Course Title
EST 101 Ecosystem Studies EST 201 Biodiversity Assessment and Conservation

CA 311


CA 411

CA 101 Human Ecology CA 201 Wildlife health, rescue and rehab     Electives ( any two)
CA 102 Wildlife law and trade control EST 203 Research Methodology     CA 401 Urban Biodiversity Conservation
EST 104 Fundamentals of Geospatial Technologies GEN 105 Project Management     CA 402 Wildlife Conservation Communication
EST 111 Field Techniques I CA 211 Field Techniques II     CA 403 Wildlife Management
EST 114 Geospatial techniques Electives (minimum 12 credits)     EST 403 Corporate Social Responsibility
Open Courses EST 205 Natural Resource Management

EST 106 Statistical Methods EST 402 Ecorestoration, Ecodevelopment and Ecotourism  

EST 107 Fundamentals of computing and database EST 210 Climate Change Science and Strategies        
GEN 103 General Course I Communication GEO 203 Digital Image Processing        
    CA 212 Internship        
    CA 213 Minor Project        
    GEO 212 Techniques in Digital Image Processing        
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